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February 12, 2018





We are already one month through the year and 5 months through our ASHRAE year! For me, now is a time that I make sure the goals I set a month ago are being carried out and make course corrections if necessary.  One personal goal I had was to go Ice fishing for the first time. Well, I already mostly met this goal.  I indeed have spent a number of hours on the ice holding a fishing pole, but the fish catching part is still elusive.  It turns out that even being stuck under the ice for months, they are still smart enough to know I am doing something wrong.  This is where my course correction will come in handy with new tools and techniques to outsmart some bluegill.

I want to recognize Jeff Boldt for being elevated to the ASHRAE grade of Fellow.  He is one of 25 nationally to be recognized this year.  Additionally, he has been a valuable member locally and we appreciate his investment in time as both a member and speaker. 

For those that didn’t attend the Madison ASHRAE January meeting, our Distinguished Lecturer provided two fantastic presentations on CFD and I want to thank Kishor Khankari for his time. I also want to recognize James Vander Zanden, our CTTC Chair, for helping set up the meeting.  He has done a great job so far and helped schedule two more DL visits for the year.  Getting three speakers of this caliber is a great accomplishment and I would encourage everyone to make time to attend these meetings.

Additionally James is working on other Chapter Technology Transfer Committee Chair work.  We have some deadlines coming up to submit projects for awards.  More information will be provided, but start thinking about interesting projects you have worked on.

I hope that a number of you were able to attend the ASRHAE show down in Chicago.  It is great that it is so close every few years.  The next big event will be the CRC in Iowa so mark your calendars for May 3, 4 & 5, 2018.

Greg Froehle
Madison ASHRAE Chapter President 2017-2018

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